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“Zac Attack!” and the Secret Handshake

Zack Gottsagen’s battle cry as escaped Downes Syndrome patient Zac might be useful come award season. No sweeter souls exist than those with Downes. The Peanut Butter Falcon celebrates those so afflicted and the genuine charm and delight they exude.

Tyler (Shia Labeouf) is the other half of a wandering pair of soon to be buddies. Bruce Dern, Dakota Johnson, and Thomas Haden Church as The Salt Water Redneck are all superb in their support and in illuminating how to interact with Downes Syndrome folks.

Laughs, tears. A must see for those who celebrate hope and reward for those who effort to live.

Steady On

Just back from the beach.  Aye mates it’s a fair wind she blows off Nantucket sound this fine summer day.

When I left Lowell Park, Cotuit. The Ketteleers Trailed the Falmouth Commodores after five. Playoff game.

If you find the path. Stay on it…


Fashionably late for the meeting this AM.  You can’t be late for a meeting.  Had to stop at #Three Fins #coffee for a cup of Java.

 Gotta call my travel agent today see if you can get to Pandora yet.

Mary P. passed. She was on my #ToDoList to thank personally with a hug of gratefulness. Trying not to leave anything on my TD List undone. Gordy H. and the crew at the 7:00 AM meeting in Dennis, MA. Are stilling getting it done. Seats available.

Happiness is one of “The Promises” the “Big Book” of Alcoholics Antonomous makes to those willing to “trudge the path of happy destiny”. Beneficiary here. The last time I stopped counting the days of continuous sobriety the count stood somewhere around 115.  28 years ago. Believe me! I WAS counting. The streak of happiness days I got on. Well, while waiting for it to end it kept on. Thank You very much again AA.

The debt of gratitude I owe AA can only be repaid by trying to give back what was freely giving to me. Straight AA doctrine. “Street” AA.  Available free at an AA meeting along with a cup of coffee. You can get well. Here I be typing this.



50 years ago Today…

… D/5/7 status Operational Control (OPCON) to 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment (11 ACR) in Phouc Long Province vicinity of Song Be near Nui Ba and LZ Buttons. At 10:55 Fast Flanker-6 the 5/7’s Commanding Officer (CO)), Cold Steel-6 (Brigade CO) and Garry Owen-6 (First Cavalry Division CO) plus Field Grade officers met on LZ Ellen for unit training plans.

Three days later and thru the 13th of August 1969 D/5/7, still OPCON to the 11th ACR would participate in The Battle of Northern Binh Long Province around An Loc.

I had been Medevaced on three August and was at the Third Field Hospital in Saigon out of harms way as D/5/7 engaged with the enemy.


#CapeCodBaseballLeague  #playoffs   #LowellPark  #Cotuit  #Ketteleers CANCELLED  Checked the field. No more moisture please.

  Dinner tonight with Bud Samir just back from Nepal. Haven’t seen him in almost 2 months.

Plan on checking off a “To Do” list item  tomorrow. Been meaning to visit my old AA Home Group.

 See who’s still alive.

The Force be with Us!

The rub of cosmic tumblers shifting…

K. E. Deckel

Just a tease for those whose gaze this may fall upon.

Just back from the gym. First piece under pen name K. E. Deckel. Very short poem. The Force be with Us (see above).

Us? Quite a few of us we be.



Positive Climate Change

4 August 20019

Page two hundred fifty two, Volume twenty, of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Vital Statistics for nineteen forty seven, records my arrival into this life at forty seven minutes past noon Saturday March twenty second.

Other events of the eighty first day of the Gregorian Calendar include Parliament enraging the Colonies with passage of The Stamp Act (1765) and the death in a duel of American, Revolutionary War, naval hero, Stephen Decatur Jr. The first Stanley Cup Championship Game was on the twenty second day, of the third month of the year as well as the unveiling of Celluloid motion pictures and the formation of the Arab League.

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists  incepted the “Doomsday Clock” in 1947. Set at seven minutes to midnight the foreboding, pictorial, time keeper, is a representation of how close the world is to catastrophe from climate change, nuclear weapons, or emerging technologies. I suspect sharing this spot in the time space continuum accounts for my enviromentlist bent. Reset several times over the years it now sits at two minutes.

 Sometime in my birth year, “The Dead Sea Scrolls” where found  in a remote desert cave. I was in swaddling clothes when The “Pax Americana” got underway. The peace continued, with interruptions until terminated with abruptness 54 years later on Tuesday morning  11 September 2001. Presently, war roils our Republic as it faces continual assault from within and without.

 Forty days prior to my emergence from the womb The United States Supreme Supreme Court delivered a decion on Everson v Board of Education ruling America a secular nation. “Intellectual Freedom” a grand present for humankind was in place. Some might say President Eisenhower, by adding “under god” to the pledge of allegiance in the ‘50’s, violated the Everson ruling. Anything to stop the “Red Menace” of Communism?

Since my birth, the first full day of spring has seen, The Equal Rights Amendment of 1972 being sent onto the states for ratification. In ’97, Comet Hale-Bop came the closest it will come to earth until it returns in 4397. Jackie Robinson’s’ historic actions began in my initial spring. Andrew Lloyd Webber would have to wait until next year.

For Numerologists , my parents, The P’s, “Ted and Fran”, were both born in ‘22.  I would be into my twenty second year breathing upon arrival in The Republic of Vietnam (RVN) on 13 May 1969.

In a Library in Dennis Massachusetts on the 71st annual, consecutive, date of my emergence the Gods bestowed upon me a “Rain Maker” in the guise of Kate Conway.

Everything happens for a reason.

Writing Career Launch @CCWC

3 August 2019

A lifetime yearning to write comes to pass as these words appear before me. Still an author to be. Won’t be long though. Thanks to the inspirational influence of Kate Conway, writer, graphic artist, Independent Publisher, school bus driver, Real Estate Agent, and mother. She be a Fireball.

An  Aries myself , 22 March 1947,  on my birthday last year the Dennis Public Library on Cape Cod hosted the Cape Cod Writer Center (CCWC) meeting.   Kates presentation on “Self Publishing” illuminated to me how the power of publishing is within the grasp of every aspiring author. You have to be tech savvy to get your project done for short money. But, If you prefer, and funding isn’t an issue, for not an awful tall stack of greenbacks Kate will do it all for you. All you have to do is write!

Everyone is on their own with Marketing.

On with the show


Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

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