Fashionably late for the meeting this AM.  You can’t be late for a meeting.  Had to stop at #Three Fins #coffee for a cup of Java.

 Gotta call my travel agent today see if you can get to Pandora yet.

Mary P. passed. She was on my #ToDoList to thank personally with a hug of gratefulness. Trying not to leave anything on my TD List undone. Gordy H. and the crew at the 7:00 AM meeting in Dennis, MA. Are stilling getting it done. Seats available.

Happiness is one of “The Promises” the “Big Book” of Alcoholics Antonomous makes to those willing to “trudge the path of happy destiny”. Beneficiary here. The last time I stopped counting the days of continuous sobriety the count stood somewhere around 115.  28 years ago. Believe me! I WAS counting. The streak of happiness days I got on. Well, while waiting for it to end it kept on. Thank You very much again AA.

The debt of gratitude I owe AA can only be repaid by trying to give back what was freely giving to me. Straight AA doctrine. “Street” AA.  Available free at an AA meeting along with a cup of coffee. You can get well. Here I be typing this.



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