… D/5/7 status Operational Control (OPCON) to 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment (11 ACR) in Phouc Long Province vicinity of Song Be near Nui Ba and LZ Buttons. At 10:55 Fast Flanker-6 the 5/7’s Commanding Officer (CO)), Cold Steel-6 (Brigade CO) and Garry Owen-6 (First Cavalry Division CO) plus Field Grade officers met on LZ Ellen for unit training plans.

Three days later and thru the 13th of August 1969 D/5/7, still OPCON to the 11th ACR would participate in The Battle of Northern Binh Long Province around An Loc.

I had been Medevaced on three August and was at the Third Field Hospital in Saigon out of harms way as D/5/7 engaged with the enemy.

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